Vascular and interventional radiology is the process of treating disease and other health conditions from inside the body, using a form of diagnostic imaging (like ultrasound or fluoroscopy) to precisely guide catheter-based treatment. This results in less trauma to the patient, lower risk of complications, shorter recovery time and virtually no scarring. Many vascular and interventional radiology therapies can be performed in an outpatient setting.

Our doctors are fellowship trained in vascular and interventional radiology. With more than 13 years of education and training, they are among the most highly trained doctors practicing medicine today and are uniquely qualified to provide both diagnostic evaluations as well as the required treatment.

Our outpatient center is an ambulatory surgery center, which enables us to perform the full range of vascular and interventional services outside of a hospital environment. Precision IR is a unique practice in that we perform all of our procedures—even cancer treatment—in a more comfortable and convenient location for our patients.

If you are a candidate for one of our procedures, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us. We are happy to work with your doctor(s) and other members of your care team to find the right treatment for your specific condition.

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